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Race day

Health and safety

participantes de la mmB 2023

For the runners of the 2024 Bogotá Half Marathon

The health resources to be implemented in the athletic event consist of:

  • 36 physicians.
  • 120 nursing assistants.
  • 17 medicalized ambulances.
  • 18 MEC (stabilization and triage modules).
  • 18 defibrillators (devices that minimize the risk of sudden death due to cardiac arrest).
This medical service will be distributed in 18 strategic points:

  • Two in the concentration area (events plaza of Simon Bolivar Park).
  • Two at the starting area (Simon Bolivar Park parking lot).
  • Two at the finish line (63rd Street at the pedestrian bridge of the Parque de los Niños).
  • Twelve at the course (nine in the 21K and three in the 10K).
12 assistance points along the courses, which will have the following services:

  • Hydration with water and isotonic beverages.
  • Bathroom service.
  • Medicalized ambulances.
  • Support personnel.
  • Stabilization and Classification Module.
Logistics personnel:

  • 1,200 volunteers
  • 600 operators.
  • 40 coordinators.
  • 20 fire brigades composed of two members and 2 brigade coordinators.

  • 3,200 units of Metropolitan Police and 400 units of the Transit Police.
  • 9 hospitals of public and private networks will be on yellow alert all through the duration of the event.
participantes de la mmB 2023