Bogota’s Top Parks for Training

From north to south, Bogota has over 70K of running tracks, 300 hectares and 120 thousand trees in this selection of parks. Running is a lifestyle. For this reason, we have put together this fine selection of ten parks, from north to south, east to west, for exercise enthusiasts. Some are located in plain terrains and others in areas with mountains. There is an option for all tastes:

El Virrey Park

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Located at Calle 88, between Carrera septimal and Autopista Norte. With a concrete track of over 5 kilometers that goes from Autopista Norte until Carrera septima between streets 99 and 90, this park is considered the best training spot in the city’s north. Over 10 running teams get together here on a daily basis, starting at 4:00 a.m. Ideal for plain circuits.

El Tunal Park

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This park is located between streets 48B south and Avenida Boyaca at El Tunal location, in the city’s south. This park first became renowned in Bogota in 1986, when Pope Juan Pablo II offered mass there and blessed the place. Its 55 hectares, 15 kilometers of running tracks and 5- lane athletic track make it the most appropriate for plain circuits in the city’s south.

Simon Bolivar Park

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Located between calle 63 and calle 53 and carreras 60 and 68. One hundred and thirteen hectares, called the city’s lung. 3.7 kilometers of exclusive running tracks around its interior lake. If you don’t like running in the sand, this park offers over 16 kilometers of tracks that oscillate between streets 53 and 63, 48 and 68.

Mirador de los Nevados Park

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Located between streets 147 B and carrera 87. Location of Suba. Although this park only has 6 hectares, it is the right one for those who seek to run uphill or upstairs. This park has around 1400 trees; eucalyptus, oak trees, mano de oso and urapan. From its highest point, one can contemplate the Nevado del Tolima, Nevado del Cisne, Nevado del Ruiz and Nevado Santa Isabel.

Nacional Park

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Located between Carrera septimal and quinta and calles 36 and 39. Location of Santa Fe. It is the second park built and one of the most visited in the city’s downtown. Its pedestrian path borders the Arzobispo river. Ideal for running up and downhill.

Los Novios Park

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Located at calle 63 #45-10. Also known as Parque del Lago, this park’s 23 hectares include 1.6 kilometers of exclusive running tracks, so that you can train while listening to the birds and breathing in the scent of beautiful trees.

El Country Park

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Located at calle 127 and cra 11D. Location of Usaquen. Although this park doesn’t have any exclusive running tracks, many runners enjoy training in its 7.8 hectares. Ideal for speed and interval training.

Ciudad Montes Park

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Calle 10a A N 38 3ª 25. Location of Puente Aranda. This park has over 7.5 hectares. Runners may train in the exclusive running track that borders the Fucha river through the Casa Museo Antonio Nariño. The professional soccer court is also available for running.

Timiza Park

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Carrera 78N Bis Calle 40 sur. Southern part of the city, Kennedy location. With over 40 years of existence, this park is one of the most visited in the city’s south. Its 30 hectares are divided by the Tunjuelito river. IT has a 7-kilometer trail, ideal for running.

Bosque San Carlos Park

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Carreras 13 and 13a between calles 27 a and 34 bis sur. Its 8.5 kilometers of tracks, available for running, are surrounded by over 800 oak trees and pine trees, donated by the city’s Botanical Garden. This park is ideal for running both plain surfaces and uphill.

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It is the most famous viewpoint in Bogotá. It is located at more than 3,100 meters of altitude and that makes it truly demanding for those who want to walk or jog. However, to ascend to the Sanctuary you can also use the funicular or cable car.

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Pedestrian path: open to the public every day except Tuesdays. The ascent to the hill through the path is allowed from 5:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. and the descent down the path is allowed until 4:00 p.m.