The mmB 2021


How me measure your race time

Your race time will be measured by Colombian company Deportec, a national leader and pioneer of electronic timing in the country. Deportec is Dutch company Mylaps’ legal representative in Colombia and will be using their Bibtag technology to measure racing times at the Bogota Half Marathon. Bibtag technology has a 99.99% precision rate, undoubtedly the highest in the industry, and it also complies with all World Athletics requirements.

How does it work?

Bibtag technology consists of a code that is attached to the rear of each participant’s competition number and a series of mats located at the exit and arrival sites as well as control points along the course. Every time a runner crosses one of the mats, the code is activated and sends precise information regarding the participant’s running time. This information is stored and transferred to a computer that, using special software, emits the results immediately.

What do I need to do so that my Bibtag will function appropriately?

In order for your Bibtag to function appropriately, note the following considerations:
  • Check your registration information to make sure that you have been registered correctly. Pay special attention to your name, age, gender, category and distance.
  • Place the competition number in the front of your shirt.
  • Don’t bend, soak, detach or manipulate the code attached to the competition number.
  • Do not hide the competition number in a number holder, also do not carry it along with coins, keys or other metal objects that might interfere with the Bibtag signal.
  • Avoid shutting the heart rate monitor in front of the chest when passing through the timing mats.

The Bibtag


Bibtag are adhesive and can be placed without any problem on the back. For no reason bend or take off the Bibtag from your competition number , Every Bibtag is unique for each number.