Training for the mmB 2020

Next training session

In November we also prepared for the Scotiabank Colpatria Race in Ascent

Next Friday, November 8, the La Aguadora sector will be the training place, which gives continuity to the preparation for the Scotiabank Colpatria Race in Ascent.

The day will be directed by Leonardo Moreno, official coach of Correcaminos de Colombia and also the the nutritionist María del Sol Villamizar will be our guest, who will give a talk about proper food for runners at the end of the session.

The first part of the session will begin with a continuous 12-minute gentle jog to raise body temperature and predispose the muscles of the body, then run technique exercises and ending with a playful.

In the specific part of the day, ascents will be carried out on slopes for distances with the proper recovery time, ending with muscle strengthening exercises.

The last block will consist of exercises back to calm, static stretching, and the nutritionist will make an intervention focused on the Scotiabank Colpatria Race in Ascent.

It should be noted that the schedule will be from 6:30 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. and the meeting point is the main park of Usaquén located on 118th Street with 5th race (in front of the Local City Hall).

Training Schedule

Our schedule continues as follows:

08/11/2019 La Aguadora
Power work - nutritionist
22/11/2019 Parque Los Nevados (Suba)
Power work - physiotherapy