Train for the event

Jumbo Metro Spid Training Sessions

The appointment is in April and May

Jumbo Metro Spid, one of the biggest teams in Bogota Half Marathon, help you prepare for 2024.

Join the challenge, get ready and be part of the team!

The Bogota Half Marathon will host two open training sessions at the Jumbo Metro Spid stores during the months of april and may.

  • On Sunday, April 28, the appointment is at:
  • Jumbo Calle 80 store
  • Jumbo Calle 170 store
  • On Sunday, May 5, the appointment is at:
  • Jumbo Hayuelos store
  • Metro Alquería store
Redemption value for purchases of COL$100,000 in store products.

Sessions guided by specialized instructors.

Routines, running techniques, exercise sequences and sports conditioning.

Physical and competitive preparation to take on the challenge of the Bogota Half Marathon in the best conditions.

Engage in the activities and become a member of one of the largest teams in the race.